Charlie ScottWorkshop Manager
Roland WellsMaintenance Manager - GE Hughes Construction
Duane HughesManaging Director - GE Hughes Construction
Ben HaggettWorkshop Manager - Access Hire SA
"Our guys in the workshop and also us on the counter are very impressed with the Catamac website. This has helped us to find part numbers a lot easier as the website cross references right away. We also would like to say thanks for the prompt replies in actioning our orders as required."
YvanaSales Coordinator
"Our company switched to Catamac about 6 months ago. The website is very easy to use and the cross referencing database make ordering a breeze. The pricing is exceptional and the fast delivery service is a welcome change from previous suppliers. If you have any questions the guys in the office are quick to help you as well. 10/10 service!"
DanAssistant Branch Manager
"As I have said before the customer service that you provide is very rare."
LouieLarge Transport and Civil Fleet
"Your customer service, your follow-up and your product are outstanding, the best I have seen"
JoshService Repair Workshop
"I have been using Catamac and have found the service to be excellent. They are very helpful and delivery has always been next day. We will continue to use them here."
AndrewWorkshop Supervisor
"Catamac has been a pleasure to deal with since becoming our national preferred filter supplier. The transition from our old supplier was seamless, mainly because of the excellent customer service team. They helped us through numerous challenges including filter cross referencing and complex freight requirements. Catamac's industry expertise enabled them to match their services to our needs which greatly assisted us during the transitional period. I would highly recommend Catamac to any other company."
JohnPurchasing Officer
"Since dealing with Catamac as our preferred supplier, I would like to commend your procedures and the knowledge of your staff, with special mention to Cherie for the professional manner in which our orders are filled. When I have sent through an order and have had the misfortune to make a mistake, Cherie has called back within minutes of the order being received and queried the order. For example, on the 10/3/15 I sent an order through and Cherie called back to point out that two of the filters I had ordered were not ones we normally used. Cherie proceeded to check out the part number and suggested that I contact the mechanic to make sure that it was correct before going ahead. The consequence of this was that the mechanic had given me the wrong part number. Cherie quickly checked this out and told me the correct price, the correct filters were not only a fraction of the cost, but saved us the time and effort of having to send back the wrong filters and getting credits. Our orders are always delivered in a timely manner or are ready for pick up at the warehouse also in a timely manner. This allows myself and my mechanics to plan our servicing and give our customers a definite time for arrival to site. The quality of the product is excellent, I have had no comebacks of any kind since using your products. It has been a pleasure to deal with Catamac since you came on board with our company. I look forward to your continued professionalism in our future dealings. And certainly will not hesitate in recommending you to other businesses that may be able to use your products."
WillieArea Service Manager
"What I've always said is, if Catamac can't find the filter, no one can!"
GrantMaintenance Manager
"I would like to thank you all at Catamac for the continued high standard of customer service that we receive always, as this type of service is very rare in business today."
LouiLarge Transport and Civil Equip operator
"Just a quick note to say Thank You for all your help and support. I really enjoy working with you guys, and I appreciate your impeccable ability to despatch goods with such short notice, you almost always have everything in-stock, and your communication is exceptional.Keep up the good work!!"
CaseyLarge Civil Equipment & Mining Support Operator
"We use Catamac for all our filters. I think they have been fantastic and we always get prompt service with limited wait time for stock."
DaveProcurement Officer
"Great stuff, you truly are Australia's Filter King!"
DanielLarge National Quarry Company
"Thanks for the great service. We received our filters this morning - they were only dispatched yesterday afternoon!"
JeffProduction and Procurement Manager
"Hi guys, a quick email to let you know I find your online site, that you helped me to set up and install, very easy to use. I was originally hesitant, as I was a long time and loyal Fleetguard user. I use a lot of different suppliers and I have found Catamac is about the only one that I can rely on to have my parts to me that day if ordered before lunch time. If not they are always there the next day. I'm quite shocked somedays as the parts are there in our receivable area waiting for me! You always let me know of any issues, whether it be a part not ordered correctly, or maybe a part we have never used. You also let me know of any delays straight away, via email and personal contact."
ChrisFleet Maintenance Coordinator
"My first buying experience with Catamac exceeded all expectations. The prompt customer service and fast shipping were a fresh change from previous suppliers. The goods were despatched on Thursday, and I received them the following day. It's the best service I have ever had from any Australian company! I will be recommending Catamac to all my friends."
RussellState Maintenance Coordinator
"I would just like to say our buying experiences with Thebarton Catamac Branch has been absolutely fantastic. Cherie and Jonathon provide us with outstanding customer service. When placing an order it is processed instantly and the filters are always in stock which is very convenient."
CameronMaintenance Superintendent
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