Catamac is a national supplier of American diesel engine parts and Australia's widest range of filters for light commercial, heavy duty fleets and general industry.

As mixed fleet specialists with over 36 years experience, our broad technical knowledge informs our approach to fleet reviews, custom filter kits and customer support. From the one man operator, through to large and diverse fleets - streamline your order process and take advantage of our parts inventory for the life of your fleet.

Research & Innovation

Catamac's extensive experience with American diesel engine parts and filter underpins our approach to product and service innovations.

Catamac has a history of introducing industry driven improvements and upgrades to diesel engine parts and filters. Our industry based, customer-focussed solutions improve functionality and service life, while reducing overall cost for our clients.

Community Involvement

Community involvement is a passion for the Catamac team. We believe that we have a responsibility as a corporate citizen to share what we can and give back to those in need.

We encourage our employees to be active in the community and support charitable organizations such as the work of the Rapid Relief Team, who Catamac supports with monthly donations.

Empower & Catamac Brands

The name Empower has been synonymous with premium grade engine parts for American diesel engines for many years. Catamac originally commercialized the name in 1999 and with ongoing refinement has now been absorbed into the Catamac private branding.

Catamac is selectively aligned with designers and manufacturers of diesel engine parts and components around the world with a strong commitment to products of unsurpassed quality, design and manufacture. The Catamac parts branding is the consummation of 30+ years’ research, product development and field testing. With the support and backing of a trusted worldwide alliance this premier product continues its demand by engine builders and fleet workshops alike.

Core Values

Our Values define who we are. These values help guide us in how we approach our business decisions and our relationships with our customers, employees, vendors and colleagues. We live up to our simple yet extremely challenging mission by operating each and every day within the context of the following core values.

  • 1. Deliver WOW through service.
  • 2. Lead and Drive Change through continuous learning.
  • 3. Build a Positive Team & Family Spirit.
  • 4. Be Passionate & Determined.
  • 5. Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication, Integrity and Trust.
  • 6. Be Humble and Show Respect.
  • 7. Think Solution First.
Our Team
  • Ashika F. Administration
  • Blake Symons Distribution
  • Brendan Gooden IT & Systems
  • Chris Brown Sales
  • Colin Tilley Distribution
  • David Craig Quality Control
  • Diana Yau Marketing
  • Harrison Craig Sales
  • Jonathon Craig Supply Chain
  • Josh Craig Sales
  • JoJo Miranda Distribution
  • Joel Fisher Distribution
  • Mandy Hornsey Administration
  • Matthew Craig Sales
  • Sam Churchman Sales
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